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Build Once, Deploy Everywhere

Ditch the app store waitlist. Televo’s server-driven UI lets you push updates in a blink, keeping your users ahead of the pack.

Supported Platforms

Boost Efficiency & Delight Users


Seamless UI Transitions

Deliver a smooth and consistent experience.


Instant UI Updates

Push changes without app store approvals.


Dynamic Experiences

Personalize UI elements based on user data.


Reduced Development Time

Focus on core features, not updates.


Improved User Engagement

Keep users hooked with fresh content.

Traditional Development Process

Televo Development Process

See How Televo Makes It Easier!


Client Initial State

The application commences with its pre-defined native user interface (UI). In this example, a specific element, such as a rectangle, displays a predetermined color – white in this case.


Server-Initiated Transformation

The server, acting as the central intelligence, transmits data-driven instructions to the client. These instructions detail the desired UI modifications, including alterations to existing elements. Here, the server specifies that the yellow rectangle should be transformed to a distinct color – blue.


Dynamic Client Adaptation

Upon receiving the server’s directives, the client dynamically adapts its UI. The rectangle instantaneously adopts the designated yellow color, reflecting the server’s modifications without requiring any manual client-side updates.

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