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Digital Transformation

The world has become increasingly digital over the past few decades, and the very heart of our service is helping you make the most of these incredible technological developments in your business. So many of our past clients were only using a small fraction of their existing technologies, and chances are so are you.

Rather than installing a large amount of new technology, we aim to help you get the very best out of the technology you already have, so you and your business can operate at its maximum capacity.

A “State of Business Operations” survey done by Lucid confirmed that the biggest barriers to improving business processes were limited budgets, change management issues, lack of time, and lack of access to IT/engineering resources and tools *.

These are all barriers that we aim to bypass with our service. We use a range of automation, Blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), enterprise applications and electronic applications tools to develop a service catered specifically to you and your business.


Increase productivity while reducing operational costs.


Unparalleled reliability & security in data management.


Insights & efficiencies that cannot be processed by any human.

Enterprise Applications

Large & complex industries need simple, custom solutions.

Electronic Applications

The new world requires mobility in our applications.

What We Do

All our solutions divisions are backed by an experienced sales team and that are able to provide unsurpassed levels of service and expertise.

Below is a list of the solutions 3Evolutions is capable of supplying and supporting.

Next Generation Data Storage & Management

Cloud / Hybrid / Disk / Flash / Tape / Data Centre — Complete Data Management & Storage Infrastructure. A leader in this field, our experience enables you to deliver proven solutions for your clients – from Desktop to SMB to Enterprise.

Data & System Protection + Cyber Security

Ensure enterprise-grade Data Protection, Monitoring, High Availability and Security for your clients data and systems. Our comprehensive range of solutions keep organisations — from SMBs to Enterprises — up and running 24x7x365.

Document Scanners, Capture and Information Management

Your fast track to Digital Transformation — Digitise just about any size and type of document using dedicated scanners, capture software and content intelligence technologies, making it easy to store, share and manage business-ready information.

Business Improvement Solutions

Business and process improvement solutions to help with organisation-critical tasks. Data Analytics & BI, Observability & Log Management, Specialised Encryption, Disc Publishing, Digital Transformation and I/O Acceleration.

How We Deliver The Results That You Want

Unique solutions for ambitious ideas


We design your project based on your current and future needs


Our systems come designed to grow with you


We designed to work for you reducing redundant processes


We don’t just want to work for you—we want to work with you. Rather than give you ready-made solutions that we’ve given to many businesses before, we enter your business free of assumptions and biases, ready to find solutions created exclusively for you. We strive to make our services as human-centric as we possibly can, so that every suggestion is made with you, your employees and your customers in mind.

We want to hear your ideas and use our expertise and resources to evaluate them from every angle to get the best out of them. We don’t want to just sell you a quick-fix solution and be done with it—we want to educate you about why there’s a problem, why this solution is the best fix for your problem, and how you can modify this solution in the future so it can grow with you and your business. If this sounds like the kind of service you are looking for, click the button below to contact us.

Want to work with us?

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