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Maximize the potential of your data

Continuous Privacy, Security, Governance and Data Access Platform.

Your entire Data Stack covered.


Scan, identify, categorize, and label critical data for protection.


Mask, encrypt and apply custom polices to safeguard data.


Policy-driven, role-based contextual data access.

Continuous Compliance


• Databases • Cloud SaaS & IaaS • Files & Images

AI-powered identification and protection of sensitive information.

Data Democratization

Unlock the maximum potential of your data, share it securely internally and externally with minimal steps at scale.

Continuous Compliance

Continuously monitor your entire data stack in real time and ensure it is compliant to internal and external regulations.

Data Connectors

Data security for your entire data stack at scale. Connect documents, databases, cloud storage, cloud data streams and much more.

Trust & Ensure

The right people get access to right data in right form limiting over-sharing and under-sharing.

Simplify Governance

Reduce team collaboration time. Single window to implement pre-defined policies & create custom policies with no code across all your data stack.

Data Protection

Automate lockdown of high-risk data. Protect, and improve control across the cloud, and on-premises with complete coverage.

Data Protection with Piivacy

Offload your data protection processes and worries, and ensure controlled access to your teams and third party vendors automatically.

Banking & Financial

Manage data security, compliance challenges and vast, dispersed sensitive data amid regulation demands like KYC, PCI DSS, GDPR


Achieve HIPAA compliance which governs PHI/ePHI handling by health entities, adapting to tech and conditions.

Govt. & Public Sector

Covers comprehensive data stack that includes on-premise, cloud and hybrid environments including legacy systems.

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