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Mobile Applications

Everyone with a smartphone probably knows what a mobile application (commonly referred to as an app) is and how it works. We are sure you probably use plenty of apps in your everyday life, but apps can be used for so much more than just personal reasons.

UX/UI (Mobile App and Customer Experience Services)

Hyperlocal Delivery Solution

Internet of Things Solutions

Creating an app for your business can give customers easy, 24-7 access to your products or services, which can facilitate the brand loyalty all businesses need to survive.

We can help you create an app that utilises automation to ensure customers are catered to as quickly as possible, while also freeing up your employees to do the jobs technology can’t. A business app can also provide you data insights (e.g., which products are bestsellers, which aren’t selling as well, etc.) that you can use to improve your operations and customer service. The kind of app you need is obviously dictated by the business itself (e.g., whether you sell products or a service, whether you are in a niche market or a popular one, etc.), and this is where we come in. Thanks to our experience, we know exactly what app functions and designs cater to different industries and markets, and we are with you every step of the way to make sure every decision you make when creating your business app is the best for your business.

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(Mobile App and Customer Experience Services)

User experience (UX) and user interface (UI) are crucial in a business’s success, particularly in the areas of customer satisfaction and loyalty. While similar, they do refer to different things: UI focuses on the aesthetics and visual touchpoints that allow users to interact with the business, while UX deals with the user’s experience from first contact to last with the product or service. With this in mind, UI is limited to digital components of the business, like computer systems, applications and software (e.g., business website, app, etc.) and their design (e.g., typography, colours, animations, etc.). UX, on the other hand, is a combination of digital and physical, taking into account the UI, product or service itself, store and so on.

As part of our digital transformation services, we help you design a UX, UI and mobile app(s) customised to you and your business. We use our decades of experience to understand your business and what makes it unique, including user/customer personalities and stories and competitor assessments. Once we know exactly what kind of UX and UI you and your business need, we complete event storming sessions with you before moving on to designing mood boards, wireframing and the UI design. We use cross platform technologies so the development and launch cycles are both fast and easy to maintain. We are also well-versed in accessibility guidelines, so you can rest assured that your UX and UI are easy-to-use and friendly for your customers, leading to the best possible experience for them and encouraging their prolonged loyalty to your business.

Hyperlocal Delivery Solution

Hyperlocal delivery models are usually online models that fulfil the on-demand needs of customers confined to a certain geographical region or regions through local shops and delivery services. In other words, it connects businesses and customers in a particular area with a range of possible delivery methods.

We at 3Evolutions have designed our own hyperlocal delivery solution so the businesses we help can get their products to their customers as efficiently as possible. Our fast delivery platform manages pick-ups, drop-offs and deliveries in real time. The platform helps its users create shipment and delivery jobs that are then assigned automatically to in-house or external delivery partners, using intelligent algorithms to ensure the fastest and most cost-effective delivery. The platform is made up of two mobile apps, one to create and schedule jobs and another for delivery partners to execute jobs, and an operations command centre to monitor and track all the processes. The solution can also be integrated with other third-party pick-up and delivery service providers to cover unserviceable areas, so wherever your business is located, you can get your products to your customers as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

Abstract image for Quantum Computing
Abstract image for Quantum Computing

Internet of Things Solution

The phrase ‘internet of things’ (IoT) is used as a blanket term that refers to physical objects embedded with sensors, software, processing ability and other technologies. These objects also send and receive data with other systems and devices via the internet and other communication networks.

Our unique IoT solution makes any electronic device that has a digital interface a smart and connected device. We have designed an IoT card that can store, process and push data directly to a cloud storage system or internet connected gateway installed near the device. The card can communicate over GSM, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, LoRa, etc. and uses standard IoT protocols, like MQTT, lightweight M2M (LwM2M), constrained application protocol (COAP), hypertext transfer protocol (http), etc. The storage gives the card the ability to store the data during disconnections and forward it once the connection resumes. The card can be programmed for zero touch provisioning (configures device automatically), or a mobile app can be used to complete custom dynamic provisioning (user has to configure device manually). If you opt to use the mobile app, you can also use it to collect debug logs and fix any disruptions, a process we will teach you if you don’t already know how. This solution is also useful for remote, sparsely dispersed environments like telecom towers, or closed premises like industrial shop floors and healthcare centres. It can be an affordable alternative to buying all new ‘smart’ equipment while performing just as well as a new device.

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