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Use lyttl to empower your enterprise with limitless links

Your best-in-class on-premise Short URL solution with truly unlimited usage.



Truly Unlimited

Usage & Consumption

We don’t keep track of how much you use lyttl! Forget about usage caps or metered costs.

Personalized Links

Offer personalized short URLs for each customer, creating a customized connection to meet their needs limitlessly.

Link Expiry

Keep your links active as long as you need. Let lyttl know when to expire the link.

URLs Shortened



Average Response Time

Designed to fit your purpose!

  • Payments & Collections Notifications
  • Bills & Statements
  • Customer Registration & Verification Links
  • Health Records & Documents
  • Customer Feedback and Surveys
  • Product Information & Cart Links
  • Travel Booking & Itinerary
  • Service Tickets

Bring Your Own



lyttl is ready to be deployed in your data center or cloud infrastructure ensuring your data remains with you.

Branded Domains

You are free to use your own branded domains, as many as you want.


lyttl can be easily integrated with your own security and authentication schemes.

Communication Channels

lyttl lets you integrate with your existing customer communications platform and channels.


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