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Designing consistently should be on the same track that is accuracy.

Top Cloud Computing Books to Read in 2020

Top Cloud Computing Books to Read in 2020

Are you looking for the best books on cloud computing to read in 2020? The cloud is one of the quickest-growing technologies of recent years; more and more businesses are looking for cloud knowledge and expertise in their current and prospective employees. Books, whether hardcover or digital, are an excellent source for people looking to learn about a specific field of technology, and the cloud is no exception.

After this COVID winter comes an AI spring

After this COVID winter comes an AI spring

During boom times, companies focus on growth. In tough times, they seek to improve efficiency. History shows us that after every major economic downturn since the 1980s, businesses relied on digital technology and, specifically, innovations in software technology to...

Why Google’s algorithm is slowly making SEO agencies obsolete

There’s nothing new about questioning the future of SEO; people have been saying SEO is dead ever since it began. But with Google continually tweaking its algorithm in favor of a more natural approach, it’s difficult to see a long-term future, not so much for the practice itself (or at least the intent behind it), but for the agencies who live and die by the latest algorithm updates.

Edge computing paving the way for businesses

Edge computing is not a new innovation, but it is a relatively new concept for many business leaders. More and more so, edge computing is starting to change the way we do business especially as digital transformation continues to dominate boardroom discussion....

AR Developments in Australia

A couple of years ago, people went crazy over Pokémon Go, an Augmented Reality mobile game which sent gamers from all walks of life and of different ages, on to the streets with their smart phones in hand to capture Pokémon as they appeared. Using the phone’s camera...

A Look at AR in Retail Industry

Augmented Reality (AR) is being utilised by innovative retailers across the globe to improve customer experience and boost sales. While it is still early days for the adoption of AR, the technology is already proving itself a game changer. AR blends the physical and...

Modern Technology, Modern Mistakes

Robotic Arm production lines modern industrial technology. As employees grow more comfortable using new technologies, they could inadvertently be putting their enterprises at risk. Indeed, myriad innovations have made it easier for people to do their jobs more...

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