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Blockchain is a database for holding records that is secure, transparent and can be used across industries. It records information in blocks. New data forms a new block, which is then chained to the previous block—the chain is therefore in chronological order, making it easy to sort through. Blockchains are decentralised, meaning all users, instead of a single person or group, maintain control of the information being stored. Decentralised blockchains cannot be changed once the data is entered, which makes it difficult to hack, cheat or change.

While Blockchains are more popularly used to store transactional records, such as for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, their use in recording other data is becoming much more common. A great example of this is how they are being incorporated into the education sector. They are being used to securely share transcripts and student records, in library management and publishing, and in identification and security matters. * 

With possible uses in asset management, insurance, transactions, smart appliances, healthcare, music, and much more, there is a good possibility that creating your own Blockchain database will benefit you and your business, which is why we include it in our services. We will assess if it is of any benefit to you—and if it is, we will help you install it and teach you how to use it as efficiently as possible. 

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