Artificial intelligence (AI) is a common enough term these days, and most people know it refers to technology that mimics human intelligence. It refers to machines that have not been pre-programmed, and therefore carry out tasks by learning how to do so through algorithms. This is where machine learning (ML) becomes important. ML is used to describe the process of giving AI access to data and past tasks and letting it learn for itself how to manage new tasks. Because ML uses only its own past data, it can only be used for specific functions, some of which are search engine algorithms, spam folders for email, etc.

When we help you with the digital transformation of your business, we assess what AI and ML will work best for you at the cheapest cost. A great example of a useful AI tool is information capture software, such as the Kodak Alaris. With information capture software, you can scan hard copy documents and convert them to a digital format. Advances in information capture software have also led to its use of Robotic Process Automation, meaning that it not only converts paper documents to digital, but also enhances them so they are easy to read, classifies them (e.g., invoice, patient record, etc.), extracts data to use as an index, and validates whether data is complete and accurate. This frees up a great deal of time for employees and is just one example of how we can help you use AI and ML to increase your business’s productivity.

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