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Category: Business

Blockchain, AI and AR – Technologies for 2019

What makes 2019 so exciting is that 2018 has been a harsh testing ground to establish how these technologies can be improved, and what problems they can solve. The successes and failures of technologies such as blockchain and virtual reality have given technology providers everything they need to launch into the next stage of development. In other words, high in the sky aims have given way to clear, targeted goals and expectations.

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Mixed Reality (XR) for Interactive Campaign!

This new generation of extended reality, or XR, technology will not only let you see things on the other side of the world and ensure you feel like you are really there, but also make you better understand people, products and processes in the real world. It makes the experience of the customers for your product/services become more personalized using techniques like Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) and Mixed Reality.

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