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Modern Technology, Modern Mistakes

Robotic Arm production lines modern industrial technology. As employees grow more comfortable using new technologies, they could inadvertently be putting their enterprises at risk. Indeed, myriad innovations have made it easier for people to do their jobs more efficiently, says Todd Peterson, security evangelist at One Identity Now. At the same time, they’ve also made it easier for them to “play.” Employees can now access any websites, such as fantasy sports, gambling, entertainment channels, and collaborate and share information using cloud storage tools easily with a single click. But with all that know-how and tech at their fingertips comes a...

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How Augmented Reality will become a Lynchpin of Future Advertising

Billboards have become passe. Radio has evolved into podcasts. Video streaming has taken over television. If you look at the world through the eyes of an 80-year old advertiser, the ground in advertising has shifted. The world of advertising is not what it used to be a few decades ago. What is the propelling power behind this radical change in advertising? undeniably, digital technologies. Search engines. Mobile apps. Cognitive computing. Immersive realities. A combination of all these technologies and many others have contributed to the evolution of advertising. Instagram was launched in 2010. Almost a decade later, today, it...

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Everyday Applications of Artificial Intelligence That Affect Your Daily Life

Artificial intelligence is here. Or better yet it has been here for a while. If you have been waiting for some grandeur AI revolution to spring forth and a Skynet war to commence, the good news is that it has not started… yet.  Artificial intelligence is already changing the world, shaping your daily life for the better.  AI has helped improve our entertainment, assisted doctors with diagnosing life-threatening diseases, improved our gaming experiences, and has even ushered in a new era in art. It is no wonder you probably cannot go a couple of days without hearing about the...

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23. 712. 3. 608. 45. 89. 11. 332. 841. 255. You want more? Cloudflare and pals are streaming ’em live from new RNG API

Like some kind of space-age Bingo hall caller, a cloud-based API that publicly streams random numbers arrives today, and is being touted by Cloudflare. The web-distribution giant is enlisting the help of four other organizations and a handful of researchers to create what it calls the League of Entropy, a project aimed at creating and maintaining tools that output random numbers. The project combines Cloudflare’s own LavaRand lava-lamp-based random number generator with randomness generators from EPFL’s URand, UChile’s Seismic Girl, Kudelski Security’s ChaChaRand, and Protocol Labs’ InterplanetaryRand. The combined systems will funnel their random data into an open-source service...

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Apple unveils ARKit 3 with people occlusion, motion capture, multiple face tracking, and more

Apple has announced the latest update to its augmented reality platform with ARKit 3. The latest release brings some major new features like people occlusion, motion capture, multiple face tracking, simultaneous front and back camera use, and more. Apple showed off some of the impressive new AR features that come with ARKit 3 on stage during the WWDC keynote today. First up is people occlusion which offers a more realistic experience for users and makes things easier for developers: Now AR content realistically passes behind and in front of people in the real world, making AR experiences more immersive while also...

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