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Charts that will Change Your Perspective of AI in Security

Rapid advances in AI and machine learning are defining cybersecurity’s future daily. Identities are the new security perimeter and frameworks are capitalizing on AI’s insights to thwart breaches in milliseconds. Advances in AI and machine learning are also driving the transformation of endpoint security toward greater accuracy and contextually intelligence. More than 69% of enterprise executives believe artificial intelligence (AI) will be necessary to respond to cyberattacks with the majority of telecom companies and about 80% are counting on AI to help identify threats and thwart attacks. Other predictions suggest that $137.4B will be spent on Information Security and Risk Management in 2019, increasing...

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Edge computing paving the way for businesses

Edge computing is not a new innovation, but it is a relatively new concept for many business leaders. More and more so, edge computing is starting to change the way we do business especially as digital transformation continues to dominate boardroom discussion. According to Gartner, by 2022, half of all enterprise-generated data will be created and processed beyond centralised cloud data centres, via edge computing. However, few leaders are fully aware of what edge computing actually is and what its capabilities are. To fully capitalise on the benefits that edge can deliver businesses, it is essential for Australian business...

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AR Developments in Australia

A couple of years ago, people went crazy over Pokémon Go, an Augmented Reality mobile game which sent gamers from all walks of life and of different ages, on to the streets with their smart phones in hand to capture Pokémon as they appeared. Using the phone’s camera with mobile location services, a Pokémon overlay video would appear on the phone display as if seen in a real-world environment. This proved to be a winning mix for gamers in search of a truly interactive experience. Pokemon Go used Augmented Reality to enrich the gaming experience Pokemon Go used Augmented...

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A Look at AR in Retail Industry

Augmented Reality (AR) is being utilised by innovative retailers across the globe to improve customer experience and boost sales. While it is still early days for the adoption of AR, the technology is already proving itself a game changer. AR blends the physical and online worlds into a fully omni-channel experience, creating new ways of marketing and transforming the customer experience. The leveraging of AR promises to erase the lines between online and bricks and mortar retailing, delivering a seamless experience which delivers both aspects of the retail experience, and in real time. What is AR? AR involves computer-generated...

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Modern Technology, Modern Mistakes

Robotic Arm production lines modern industrial technology. As employees grow more comfortable using new technologies, they could inadvertently be putting their enterprises at risk. Indeed, myriad innovations have made it easier for people to do their jobs more efficiently, says Todd Peterson, security evangelist at One Identity Now. At the same time, they’ve also made it easier for them to “play.” Employees can now access any websites, such as fantasy sports, gambling, entertainment channels, and collaborate and share information using cloud storage tools easily with a single click. But with all that know-how and tech at their fingertips comes a...

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