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Month: December 2018

Blockchain, AI and AR – Technologies for 2019

What makes 2019 so exciting is that 2018 has been a harsh testing ground to establish how these technologies can be improved, and what problems they can solve. The successes and failures of technologies such as blockchain and virtual reality have given technology providers everything they need to launch into the next stage of development. In other words, high in the sky aims have given way to clear, targeted goals and expectations.

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5 obstacles to adopt Mixed reality (XR)

According to a 2018 survey, more than 80 per cent of executives believe Mixed Reality (XR) will create a new way for companies to interact, communicate and inform, while 27 per cent say it is very important for their organisations to be a pioneer in XR solutions.

And yet growth has been slow for both. The consumer sector and the enterprise sector have experienced similar amounts of growth, but the majority consensus is that this growth has been weaker than hoped for consumers category. So what are the five biggest barriers to entry and how easy are they to overcome?

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